Signs She's Losing Interest – How to Know if Your Girlfriend is About to Dump You

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Your girlfriend doesn't seem as into you as she once did. Long gone are the days when she'd call you several times a day just to hear your voice. You wonder why she hardly ever tells you that she loves you and you question why she doesn't have the time available to see you that she used to. Perhaps you've asked her if her feelings have changed and she's told you that you're being silly or that it's just because she's extra busy. You know better though. You know her heart and you can tell that the love and passion that was once there has shifted. If you want proof to back up your suspicions that things aren't the same anymore there is a way to get that. There are signs she's losing interest that will help you understand exactly where you stand in your girlfriend's heart and life.

One of the signs she's losing interest isn't always that obvious unless you're searching for it. Couples change as they settle into their relationship and partners who were once very careful of each other's feelings may not be as mindful anymore. If your girlfriend has started to point out the things about you that she finds distasteful, don't overlook that. You may think she's doing it because she loves you so much and wants to help you to be a better person. Chances are very good though that she's doing it because she's trying to create emotional distance between the two of you. If her criticisms of you are becoming more frequent, that's a red flag that indicates that your relationship with her is tumbling towards a messy end.

You can also tell if your girlfriend is losing interest based on how affectionate she is. One of the first and most obvious signs that she's losing interest will be that she'll reach for your hand less to hold it, her kisses will be less frequent and she'll have endless excuses for why she doesn't want to be intimate with you. If a woman doesn't feel a strong emotional bond with a man it's much more challenging for her to be physically close to him. If you are starting to feel like you two are less like lovers and more like good friends that needs to be addressed if you want to keep the relationship alive and satisfying for you both.

Her cell phone can also hold a clue as to how invested in your relationship she truly is. Does she always pick up when you call or do you find that you need to leave several voicemails before she calls you back? If she's less accessible and you're finding it harder to track her down, you are certainly not at the top of her priority list anymore.

It's hard when you do recognize these signs that your girlfriend has lost interest in you. But you should view them as a glaring reminder that unless you make some positive changes quickly, the relationship won't last much longer.

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Signs She's Losing Interest – How to Know if Your Girlfriend is About to Dump You

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This article was published on 2010/12/29
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