Music Education for Parents: How to Awaken and Maintain Your Child's Music Interest

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Congratulations if you have created a suitable environment for your child's musical education, dear parents, but remember that the journey has only started! It is a long journey and people might say that it is a difficult one. They may be partly right, but all you really need to do is create and sustain your child's music interest. Interest is what will turn boring lessons into intriguing exploration.

Remember: The quickest and easiest way to acquire knowledge and skills is creating interest towards them. Interest needs to be created, dear parents, it doesn't appear out of thin air.

So let's assume you have done your bit to awaken your child's music interest and stimulate his desire to learn. Very soon he will ask you for a musical instrument, an extremely important milestone in his progress.

The important advice for you here is: give your child the instrument that he asks for. If he wants a violin, give him a violin. Don't give him a piano just because you have a pianist friend who talks great things about the piano. Also, if your own childhood dream of playing the piano is unfulfilled, don't try to fulfill it through your child. I hope you understand this, dear parents. Just give him the instrument of his choice.

Children sometimes cannot choose between instruments. Help him in such cases! You need to meet five conditions for this purpose: you should have basic knowledge about the instruments, you should have patience, you should be attentive, you should have time, and you need to act fast.

The role of parents in choosing an instrument for their child and help him maintain his music interest throughout his life is the subject I'm going to write a book on, very soon.

Do you want to know why it is so important to allow your child to choose the musical instrument of his liking? Statistics reveal that most students quit their music lessons within 18 months and half of them quit because they didn't choose the right instrument! Hence it is vital as a parent to let your child make his own decision. If you force your wish on him, he might become another of those quitters.

Force, complaints from teachers, unpleasant lectures are the most common reasons why children lose their music interest and say "enough". The wise decision would be to support your child right from the start. He will be grateful to you later!

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Music Education for Parents: How to Awaken and Maintain Your Child's Music Interest

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This article was published on 2010/09/22